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Huddle up before the performance

Metro offers a theatre class, as well as extracurricular opportunities to perform on stage, attend performances in the community, and participate in speech competitions. In Metro Theatre, what we read comes to life with performance! This course offers students the opportunity to express themselves through reading, personal reflection, writing, and collaboration with peers and staff. This is also a collaboration between LA and History, where real stories and literature intersect. We typically offer two performances per year (one in December and one in May), as well as individual speech contests in Feb/March. Students choose a theme for our performance and the show is built around that theme, with student voice and interest being at the heart of what we do. Everyone has a story, and when you tell your story it has the power to empower you and impact others, which is our guiding belief.

Metro Theatre Class attends a performance at Coe College.
Students attending a performance at Coe College
Theatre Performance at CSPS
Performance at CSPS