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“Skip the Trip” is a program that gives students access to the official Department of Transportation (DOT) driver’s permit test at Metro High school. We have partnered with the DOT to help address some of the challenges that our students face when trying to get their learner’s permit.

Students interested in working on getting their permit can work with Metro staff to prepare for the test with different study tools and then “SKIP THE TRIP” and take the permit test with Dan W., Jolynn, or Kelsey T. at Metro. For students under 18, parent permission is required to take the test. After a student passes the test, they can make an appointment with the DOT to get a photo taken for an official Iowa learner’s permit.

At the DOT, the permit will cost $6.00 to print and the following documents are required:

  1. State ID with a gold star on it


  1. Proof of Identity/Lawful Presence in the USA (Birth Certificate, Passport, Certificate of Naturalization/Citizenship, Proof of lawful presence in USA)
  2. A document with your current name and social security number on it (Social Security card, Paystub, W-2 form, SSA form 1099)
  3. Proof of your address (Current state ID, official mail, Parental Consent form- if under 18)
These students used the Skip the Trip program and got their driving permit.  They are ready for Driver's Ed!
These students used the Skip the Trip program and got their driver’s permit. They are ready for Driver’s Ed!